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Alphabetically ordered!

♥ If you're not here -> It doesn't mean I don't like you! I've just added what I feel are my closest friends.
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.: RP :.
:iconpkmn-armonia: :iconstmortiel::icongearsofcorona:

I just rp with people in this groups.
If you want to rp with me -> I suck at notes, but you can inform me via note and we can work out the details!



3DS Info~


Name-> Buns
Time Zone-> CST

.:♥ ⓟⓞⓚⓔⓜⓞⓝ ⓧ♥:.

Trainer-> Gigi
Battle Status-> Closed/Friends Only
Currently Breeding-> Buneary

.:♥ ⓐⓝⓘⓜⓐⓛ ⓒⓡⓞⓢⓢⓘⓝⓖ♥:.


Town Name-> Armonia
Mayor-> Gwen
Villagers-> Valerie
Current Neighbors->

• Rizzo
• Bree
• Cousteau
• Puddles
• Keaton
• Paula
• Savannah
• Big Top
• Pippy

Main Street->
Dream Address->
Town Current Dream Status->
Rules while visiting-> No running! I am currently breeding flowers so please take your time walking.


Anyone got a Solar Power Helioptile to trade? o 3 o 

4 deviants said I just need a helioptile with it's HA ; 3 ;
2 deviants said Doesn't matter gender or nature
No deviants said I got pretty bunearies & misdreavus to trade
No deviants said with moves


:iconabaliia: :iconassasin23: :iconxxrabbitofdarknessxx: :iconshocker0: :iconmaestroapricot:


StM :: Selva Maldonado by KeIdeo
StM :: Selva Maldonado
Bullet; RedNAME: Selva Amália Maldonado

Bullet; BlackAGE/BIRTHDAY: 15/January 17th (1999)

Bullet; RedGENDER: Female ♀

Bullet; BlackPOKÉMON (#---): Petilil (#548)

Bullet; RedABILITY: Own Tempo [Prevents the Pokémon from becoming confused.]

Bullet; BlackNATURE/SUMMARY CHARACTERISTIC: Quiet/Good Perseverance

[+] Bright [+] Diligent  [+] Modest [o] Quiet [o] Objective [-] Detached [-] Obsessive [-] Apathetic

Selva is a quiet and reserved well-bred lady, taught from a young age to keep her voice down and speak only when her words would add purpose to a conversation. Intelligent and talented in many aspects except social interaction, though she'll try to keep herself out of trouble if it can be helped. The petilil does not mean to insult others, she's an objective 'mon who will speak about facts rather than let herself drawn by impulses or rash decisions. This girl has some obsessive behaviors, she's very specific about her routines and will freak out if they are messed up in any way. Selva is not one 'mon to make friends easily and might seem distant and a loner even when she's already close to someone, difficult to excite or surprise. Used to the quiet of her home, she'd rather enjoy a calm lifestyle than the craziness that most teenagers would agree to.

Bullet; RedHEIGHT: 5'4" / 162 cm

Bullet; BlackWEIGHT: 100 lbs / 50 kg

Bullet; RedTYPE 1: :icongrasstypeplz:

Bullet; BlackLevel: 31

Bullet; RedMoveset:


:icongrasstypeplz: Absorb :iconnormaltypeplz: Growth :icongrasstypeplz: Leech Seed :icongrasstypeplz: Sleep Powder :icongrasstypeplz: Mega Drain :icongrasstypeplz: Synthesis :icongrasstypeplz: Magical Leaf :icongrasstypeplz: Stun Spore :icongrasstypeplz: Giga Drain :icongrasstypeplz: Aromatherapy :iconnormaltypeplz: Helping Hand

TM/HM/Tutor/Egg Moves

:icongrasstypeplz: Ingrain (Egg)  :icongrasstypeplz: Grass Whistle (Egg) :iconnormaltypeplz: Sweet Scent (Egg)

Bullet; RedHOMETOWN: Greenfield, Johto

Bullet; RedHISTORY:

Born in the beautiful Greenfield in a small household, Selva was a gifted girl. Only daughter to a couple of successful writers and college professors, the petilil learned to talk at a very young age, and to read properly by the time she turned three. She could easily get lost in the fantasy worlds depicted by those books and stories her parents got her. Her imagination could run wild as her eyes devoured the words written in those pages, a dictionary always at hand to make sure she understood and didn't miss any detail of the stories.

Homeschooled, with several tutors coming and going into the Maldonado household. Reading, writing, those were not the only things the young grass type was skilled at, she had a proficiency for math, science, art, music... the girl was considered a genius and Greenfield's pride.  Any challenge you could throw at her she'd find a way to undertake, rubik cubes were solved in matter of seconds by age 7, complicated equations solved by the time she was 8, painting, writing stories and even composing music. She was the perfect daughter, obedient and polite... but the girl lacked friends, and she didn't seem to be interested at all in getting them. While her parents were proud of her accomplishments they were worried she lacked a proper childhood.

Despite her vast knowledge in many studies she was sent to a regular, public school in order for her to mingle with her peers. What happened next was unexpected. After a couple of months the girl was expelled despite her impressive grades. The issue? She often caused commotions in class, challenging the professor's authority because of a mistake made during the lesson. The girl calmly explained she meant no harm and that her peers should have a top notch education without no mistakes as silly as those... her parents understood. The school didn't.

The same happened at the next three schools she was sent to, always the same problem. Issues with the authority or with other students. Often bullied, though she didn't seem to notice or care. The girl was almost lost in her own mind most of the time, too busy daydreaming or thinking of Arceus knows what to notice the world around her. After the third school she was back at home, tutors. Same routine as before and she couldn't mind less. But things were not easy for her parents, watching their only child grow alone... they couldn't help but wonder what would happen if they were not there for her.

After a lot of research and difficult conversations they decided to send her away to a boarding school in Sinnoh-- St. Mortiel Academy, an Arceist school that had the highest grades in the Region. Convincing the little plant wasn't hard, making her promise she'd do her best to keep out of trouble was harder.

She hadn't done anything wrong after all, right?


Anatomy & Physiology
Spanish IV
Literature & Composition II
Music & World Cultures
P.E. & Health IV



Skipped a year due to her grades.
○ Despite her clean looks she is rather messy and disorganized.
• Has a very poor eyesight, she can use contacts but rather not be poking her eyes.
○ She cannot tell when someone's being sarcastic, taking everything too literally.
• It is pretty much impossible to offend her.
○ Spinning and shiny objects fascinate her.
• Has an unhealthy obsession with feathers and ribbons.
○ Color blind.
• Allergic to dust.
○ Roserade father, which explains the egg moves.

VYSE :: Ember Baxter by KeIdeo
VYSE :: Ember Baxter
Sweats, WIP

Bullet; GreenName: September 'Ember' Celestine Baxter

Bullet; GreenAge: 30

Bullet; GreenGender: Female

Bullet; GreenPokemon: Venomoth #049

Bullet; GreenBirthday: March 29th (1984)

Bullet; GreenHeight: 6'1" / 185 cm

Bullet; GreenWeight: 126 lbs / 63 kg

Bullet; GreenAbility: Shield Dust [Blocks the additional effects of attacks taken.]

Bullet; GreenNature: Lax [Careless or negligent]

Bullet; GreenCharacteristic: Strongly Defiant.

Bullet; OrangePersonality:

[:bulletgreen:] Easy-going [:bulletgreen:] Intuitive [:bulletgreen:] Loyal [:bulletgreen:] Versatile [:bulletyellow:] Quiet [:bulletyellow:] Uninhibited [:bulletred:] Greedy [:bulletred:] Ruthless [:bulletred:] Vengeful [:bulletred:] Anxious

Quiet and cunning are probably the best words to describe this poisonous gal. She's relaxed and easy-going most of the time, pretty agreeable and not one to judge due to her own questionable morals.  She'll be good as long as you don't mess with her or those she's watching over. Once you earn her trust she'll be as loyal as a guard dog, keeping secrets and standing by your side no matter the situation. Street smart and resourceful, she'll get any job done for the right price, this moth will help you if you talk her language: money. Not a loud individual, unless her opinions are challenged and/or dismissed like they have no importance.  While usually calm she can have her low moments of anxiety, resulting in a sudden loss of control, usually triggered by old memories that can completely take over her behavior. This bug doesn't know any modesty, she'd be fine stripping off her clothes and talking of uncomfortable topics if necessary. She's a great friend but a mortal enemy. If you've made the mistake of turning this bug against you she'll have no mercy, tracking you down to the edge of the world until she's certain to have obliterated your face from the planet.

Bullet; OrangeHistory:  [TBA]

Bullet; GreenJob: N/A [Former Air Force Pilot]

Bullet; GreenMoveset:

:icongrasstypeplz: Sleep Powder
:iconpsychictypeplz: Psychic
:iconbugtypeplz: Signal Beam
:iconflyingtypeplz: Aerial Ace

Bullet; GreenHobbies: Card games, collecting trinkets and 'souvenirs'

Bullet; GreenFavorite food/flavor: Butter & Honey Toast / Sweet. Like any bug this lady has a sweet tooth-- fangs... and is naturally driven to any kind of food that has a sweet smell, with honey being her absolute favorite.

Bullet; GreenExtras/Fun Facts:  [TBA]

:bulletwhite: Her wings get very heavy is wet, she'd be unable to fly for a while so prefers to stay dry.
:bulletwhite: Will often juggle with stuff when trying to concentrate.
:bulletwhite: Has a slight hoarding problem.
:bulletwhite: Has an excellent eyesight and spacial orientation.
:bulletwhite: Slightly underweight, often forgets to eat.
:bulletwhite: Heavy smoker, mostly to calm down when anxious.
:bulletwhite: Casual drinker.
:bulletwhite: Is actually good with kids due to a huge bug family.
:bulletwhite: As silent as she might be when flying she'd be easy to track if you're experienced with dust trails left by her wings.

PKMNA :: Marcy Chart by KeIdeo
PKMNA :: Marcy Chart
KID NEEDS HER CHART, her very pink chart. As usual this is mostly twitter interactions sooo yeah... if you don't want your character there just say the word and I MIGHT HAVE FORGOTTEN PEOPLE SORRY, these were the ones at the top of my head.

Heart Legend

/NO/ - EW just get away you creepo, I don't like you so SCRAM >:B
Just met - Are you like new or something???
Cool! - YOU'RE NICE we should totally meet again
Awesome! - GOO D we should do something 'cause you're like really cool and stuff
THE BEST - NO ONE BEATS YOU, kinda-- I mean c'mon you're awesome so let's do stuff Y E AH
Family - BUNNIES STICK TOGETHER-- or u can be like a honorary bunny or something yes
Lavu Lavu or smth - How does this even work tho-- are we married or something? :B

Aunt Gwen: Well DUH aunt Gwen is like literally my aunt? And she's like the coolest aunt 'cause she's not all stuck up like the others but don't tell them or I will get ugly presents on Xmas.

"Uncle" Neil:
'I'm not your uncle' YET you're so gonna marry aunt Gwen I KNOW IT I CAN SENSE IT IN MY EAR PUFFS... but anyways you're so cool, like really you're so nice and even let me paint your ears... ngl I thought you'd be like all the uncles all stuck up and telling me to stop whatever I am dong but YOU'RE ACTUALLY PRETTY CHILL???????? Like you let me do my stuff and you don't mind???

Prof. Jasper:
OMG he's like THE BEST teacher here, like no offense aunt and uncle but OMG OMG omg he's like so sweet and he actually UNDERSTANDS???? Without the phone or notes too omg so we can actually chat and all and he's so cute too hhhhhhhh and my head of house so I CAN SEE HIM A LOT HAHAHAHAHA yes I am so going to make you like me better >:3c

Prof. Peanut Butter:
Tbh he's so cool as well, like his class is fun and I can do stuff that is not writing and that's always cool... he also helps us whenever we wanna do stuff like the guacamole sombreros and YEAH and he's like aunt's friend or something??? He looks like it idk.

Nurse Valerie:
I've just seen her like once??? She seems ok tho

Prof. Checkers:
Omg sorry prof like your class is SO BORING FOR ME, all those formulas and stuff-- can't you make it a little more idk-- can't we turn stuff pink?

Prof. Lockheart:
oh my mew his class is so freaking awkward like WTH I KNOW WHERE BABIES COME FROM SO CAN WE /NOT/

Captain Zane:
Zane is like the closest friend I've made here? He's so much fun and we can play everything and draw and chat and he also understands me without the phone so that's totally cool and we're like kinda deaf buddies and YEAH tho he's younger than I am and he's so cute sometimes like a little kid but we will have many adventures and YEAH

Buttcheeks Colin:
oMG you're like so obsessed with butts dude, wth???? But you're super funny and all even if you don't trust my artistic abilities and you're like always breaking the rules and all that--

Pink Bun Patience:
SHE'S SUPER PINK omg I had never seen a white bun either so she's so pretty and I wanna grow up and be just as pretty as she is-- she also buys us ice cream and shopping and all the fun stuff... it's also fun to make you go crazy and all that I mean it's funny??? I don't mean to make you angry tho... with your wife and that stuff.

Fox Overlord Hayden:
OMG SHE'S SO BIG AND HAS THESE FANGS AND DON'T EAT ME LIKE YOU SAY YOU'RE GONNA EAT PATIENCE 'CAUSE I PROMISE I CAN GIVE YOU LIKE A MUFFIN A DAY. But really she's so cool and her hair looks so cool and her robotic arm is like WOAH.

Old Man Richter:
HE'S THE OLDEST BUT MOST COOLEST MAN I SWEAR. Like he's always in a good mood and helpful and all that and spends time on the island AND HE GOT ME THE BEST WAILORD PLUSH EVER LIKE SERIOUSLY YOU'RE NOT THE KIND OF CUTE LIKE PROF JAS BUT YOU'RE SO CHILL like teach me everything you know and be my friend PLEASE

Ducky Casey:
SHE'S OTHER OF THE GROWN UPS WHO ALWAYS SPEAKS OF ADULT METHODS OF EATING??? What is up with you people, why do you keep secrets from us???

Cool Guy Russ:
HAHA his face when he saw I can't talk or hear was great, he's really cool tho and we're in art together so I guess we'll be good friends YEAH

Ninja Lily:
She's a ninja. NINJA OMG, can you teach me your ways oh froggy one? I said I'd teach her sign language and she'd teach me to ninja HOW COOL IS THAT???

Fluffy Ride Zai:
A really big, really fluffy dog girl that helped me up /the stairs/ she should be around more she was cool... when she didn't fall off the steps

Hoodie Scottie:
Fluffy Ride's boyfriend I think???? He didn't want M&M's but he wanted to do the hoodie thing and I TRUST YOU CAN SHRINK YOURSELF WITH GHOSTLY POWERS.

Candlehead Marionette:
She's nice AND SO TINY!!! We've talked a bit about muffins and life and books and HOPE YOU ENJOYED GHOSTGIRL AFTER ALL!!!


PKMNA :: Val Heart Chart [UPDATE] by KeIdeo
PKMNA :: Val Heart Chart [UPDATE]
Nurse needs one too... she also needs more rps because yes, gotta love the teachers & staff.

Heart Legend

Grey - Uhm... - O-OH GODS UHM;;; H-HELLO, YEAH HAHAHA <v<;;;
Green - Just Met - O v O? Nice to meet you~
Light Blue - Friends - Well hello there n v n
Blue - Good Friends - Oh! It's nice to see you again ; v ;
Dark Blue - Best Friends - Where were you? I was looking for you everywhere :C
Purple - Cute - Hmmmm! Look at those cheeks I wanna pinch them < v <
Violet - Family - I-it's nice to have you around Q v Q
Light Pink - Crush - JSNDKFSDFDSHVV @ V @;;;;;
Dark Pink - Dating - U-uhm, how did we even get here? n///n;;;
Red - Love - I-I... UH... HEE /)//v//(\

:bulletblue:Jasper Moriarty: U-uhm okay he was the first member of the staff to greet me in the island and show me around... THO I STILL GET VERY LOST I AM SO SORRY JASPER ; V ;"""" EITHER WAY h-he's such a nice man and is so polite and kind, always up for some chitchat despite the terrible hours I REALLY SHOULD SLEEP MORE;;; OH SHUCKS yes back on topic uhm-- UH;;; W-well uhm h-he asked me to this ball thing for Halloween???? It was so awkward and cute at the same time hhhhhh;;; B-but yes that was really fun and we danced and talked a lot ; v ;" AND UH THAT THING WAS STILL AN ACCIDENT I SWEAR I DIDN'T MEAN TO SNFJKDNJD;;;;;;; T-tho... I-I kinda wish it would've you know just-- NEVERMIND;

:new: OH MY ARCEUS, OH /MY/ ARCEUS SO UHM-- AHAHAHAHA;;; O-oh gods I don't-- how did this... I mean-- S-SO WE KINDA-- W-WE WERE JUST-- o-okay, okay deep breaths. DEEP BREATHS. Things happened like this... we-- we had this little game night and w-we got a bit competitive and were yelling at each other and-- well one thing led to the other a-and w-well we kinda... sorta... might've... a-ahahaha kissed??? A-and then I kinda hit him over the head with a pan Q v Q;;; IT WAS AN ACCIDENT THO-- A-AND I-- WELL I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF AND KINDA TRIED TO MAKE IT BETTER BY PLAYING AGAIN ANDTHINGSHAPPENEDAGAINANDWELL;;;; W-we talked about it and he-- he said he liked me??? LIKE /ME/ IT WAS SO WEIRD FDJGBDGD B-BUT THING IS-- I-I really like him too so w-we are kinda-- y-you know Q v Q; T-THIS IS SO SURREAL I SWEAR BUT... I-I AM... I-I am quite happy about it Q v Q
:bulletblue:PJ Bescatti: Oh this man, he's terrible teasing like that ; v ;" B-but the nice kind of terrible! I-I mean he's nice, just likes to tease a lot. A LOT. I think he's very kind too, trying to help and hear me out, even keep a secret. I shall surprise you one day I promise! I am determined <V<;;; But yes, he's a very nice man when he's not teasing and makes me feel comfortable... kinda... I-I mean he's funny and has been very kind to me ; v ; I'd like to believe he thinks of me as a friend? That would be nice Q v Q;

:new:Oh this man, don't make me get started on this man. He looks like a big scary 'mon and he's actually a real sweetheart. He's been there for me every time I've needed company, laughed with me and we've spent so much time together. He's like-- I don't know he's like an older brother and I really love spending time with him. He's so nice despite all those mean faces and stealing my phone to embarrass me... huff! I will get even one day, PJ, and you will regret it <V<

:bulletblue:Neil O'Brien: M-mr. O'Brien is really polite, tho we have never talked much ; v ;" He seems quite calm and not as talkative as his crazy girlfriend, it would be nice to know him better yes.

:bulletblue:Denzel Lockheart: Mr. Lockheart looks like a very smart man! I am glad I could help him out on my first days here tho that was really awkward;;;

:bulletpink:Laura Checkers: O-oh another nice face ; v ;" she has been so sweet and patient with me. Everyone in this school is so kind! I-I think we might get along nice, that is if she wants to of course--

:bulletpink:Camille Deuxchamps: dsnvskjdlvhbsd;;;;;;;; Okay, uhm... s-she's quite a scary lady b-but-- I guess it's just because I am a bit annoying and her maws are not very fond of me ; v ;""

:bulletpink:Gwen Hollingsworth: Oh sweet mother of our holy spirit of Mew... this woman is crazy n v n;;; I-I mean I know she doesn't mean any harm but can she just-- NOT.

:bulletblue:Tyson Hertz: Ah met him briefly before he became part of the staff and THAT WAS VERY AWKWARD CAN WE NOT DO THAT, EVER AGAIN PLEASE Q V Q;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

:bulletblue:Richter Hawthorne: Mr. Richter is another of those terrible great men ; v ;" he can be so sweet, TOO SWEET I SWEAR MY FACE WILL EXPLODE ONE DAY Q V Q; A-and teasing about Jasper and just KJSNDFJDSBFNSD;;;;; AHEM... but yes, he is a kind man and I very much like our small chats, wish they could last longer though ; v ;

:new: I-I... so I kinda... completely broke down with him ; v ;' He was nice enough to say we should play a boardgame but our conversation-- w-well it took an unexpected turn. I know I can trust him, he's so kind and caring and-- h-he is like... I-I don't know I feel like he understands, he really REALLY cares and I am so grateful to have him around he's-- w-well he's like a father figure you know? T-the one I didn't grow up with and... well it is... really nice Q v Q

:bulletblue:Zane MaCormick: Oh such a sweetheart n v n he's probably the youngest student I've met so far and he's always so optimistic and adorable ; v ; though his questions can get really awkward and well-- I-I just hope he doesn't bring /that/ up again;;;

:bulletpink:Scout ???: For one thing I think I have never heard her last name? Or is Scout her last name? ; v ;" This sweet girl has been in the clinic more often than I'd like... not because I don't like her! Oh goodness no! But... too many injuries Q v Q;

:bulletpink:Hayden Castleberry: Miss Castleberry! Well I haven't seen her since our little shopping trip but she seems like such a nice young lady, I can't wait to be able to help her with that new arm... oh gods that was too emotional and I suck being a nurse I shouldn't cry at that stuff ; V ;"""

:bulletblue:Seamus Sandston: Poor Mr. Sandston had a horrible infection o v o; that's all I know about him;;;

:bulletblue:Emanuel McCalil: Another poor sick student oh goodness;;; I hope I can meet them once they feel better;;;

:bulletblue:John Orgarin: I AM STILL SORRY ABOUT THE WHOLE ORDEAL MR. ORGARIN;;;;;;;; H-he seems like a nice boy but I almost amputated the tip of his tail o v o;;;;;;;;

Casey Kaphiri: Another sick kid;;;; Seriously, you have to be more careful ; v ;"

Connor Phillips: College kid, the one with the kid;;; H-he seems nice but mix my awkwardness with his;;; I-It was a nice talk tho--

:new::bulletpink:Josie McRains: Oh my fellow helioptile haha n v n she's a nice kid from the other school who I chat with often on twitter o v o we can share lizardy experiences! It's nice and I hope we can keep up with these chats!

Sheppard Parker: Mr. Pa-- oh right that was his father uhm... well we've just crossed a few words during my nights of conquering the world! He seems like a nice kid though, too polite! n v n

:new::bulletpink:Patience Melata: OH GODS THIS GIRL;;; SHE'S THE REASON I SMACKED POOR JASPER WITH A PAN;;; S-so she's funny alright and looks like a sweet lady but-- a frozen head Q v Q;;; HONESTLY;;;; THAT WAS SCARY STUFF. REALLY SCARY STUFF. A-and she seemed to enjoy my pain oh-- b-but I guess it was... funny and it kinda... helped /us/ somehow? I-- we should definitely talk sometime... without frozen heads please;

If your character is here and you don't want them to be just let me know! She's open for rps tho it's mostly twitter stuff HA but ye might be open for some Skype/Docs ones from time to time /o/



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